Yung Bleu Says Cops Waited Outside of House Following Racial Profiling Incident

Previously, Yung Bleu spoke out after being released, following an arrest for a

suspended license. However, Bleu claims that he is being racially profiled and

also targeted by police. Now, the artist has taken to social media to note that

the situation is about a Black man being targeted by cops with no justification.

In the post caption that accompanied the video above, Bleu said, “ALL OF

THIS FOR A SUSPENDED LICENSE?” From there, he noted, “I’m currently

afraid to leave outside my gate because [police] was posted outside my house

at 4am this morning! I don’t wanna be back in jail for something they make up

and make stick!”

In the video, Bleu noted police have been watching his house and putting on

lights shining bright by his home, which has been making him feel like he’s a

target. Bleu continued on his caption, saying, “We’re shedding light on a

situation that many people say has been going on around here a long time. I

have the platform to shed light on it.” Take a look above.


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