Is a Proposal Coming? Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

Her forever man? Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP

Rocky, are committed to each other, whether

marriage is in the cards for them or not.


Rihanna, ASAP Rocky posing for the camera: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.


“These two are so madly in love, and it’s true there’s a

lot of buzz in their circle about an engagement being

in the works,” a source exclusively reveals. “Going by

the hints Rocky’s been dropping, [it] may well

happen soon, but there’s no pressure and what

matters most to both of them is to keep building on

this truly beautiful thing they’ve got going.”




The “Umbrella” singer, 33, and the rapper, 32, are

serious about the relationship regardless of their

marital status, but her loved ones hope she ties the

knot at some point.


“They’re very open with friends that it’s unlike any

connection they’ve ever experienced with anyone else

and they see each other as life partners,” the insider

says of the couple. “They don’t need a piece of paper

to be happy, but Ri’s a real romantic and her friends

and family — her mom, especially — would love to see

her married.”

Sources exclusively reported in February 2020 that

the longtime pals were “hooking up” after sparking

dating rumors in December 2019. “They’re having

fun and have always had chemistry,” a source said at

the time.

their relationship turned romantic and “was always

the instigator” of any flirtation between them, an

insider revealed in December 2020. The Grammy

winner “would brush off his advances and kept him

in the friend zone” for a while, though.

The New York native finally confirmed in May that he

is dating Rihanna, calling her “the love of my life”

and “my lady” in an interview with GQ. “[It’s] so

much better when you got The One. She amounts to

probably, like, a million of the other ones,” he

gushed. “I think when you know, you know. She’s The



One month earlier, the pair were spotted showing

PDA at L.A. hotspot Delilah. “It’s obvious they’re a

couple and also are each other’s best friend,” a

source told Us at the time. “They kid around a lot

[and] laugh a lot. They have private date nights

together a lot and have a blast hanging out together.”


Rihanna and Rocky have not gone out of their way to

keep their romance quiet, although it has been low-

key since they were first linked. “They’re not

necessarily hiding the fact that they’re dating — they

more so just don’t want people in their business,” the

insider added. “They’re two chill people that don’t

want that kind of attention, so they show up

randomly to a spot and nobody really knows until

afterwards.” A match made in heaven.

Congratulations to Rihanna and Rocky on what we

hope is a long lasting Beautiful relationship.


Source: Tyshawn smith

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