PnB Rock Pleads Guilty To Marijuana + Stolen Gun Charges & Gets Sentenced

Officials said PnB Rock entered an open guilty plea to

one count of possession with intent to deliver and

one count of receiving stolen property. According to

a report by CBS 3 Philly, PnB was sentenced to 36

months of probation on each count, running

concurrently, and has to complete 100 hours of

community service. His supervision was permitted to

be transferred to California.

Bensalem Police opened an investigation on

the Trapstar Turnt Popstar crooner in November

2018 after receiving several complaints of loud

parties and the smell of weed emanating from the

residence. Officers also reported smelling marijuana,

which led to probable cause the resident was selling

the drug. The Special Investigations Unit completed a

search warrant on January 20, confiscating five

pounds of marijuana, several scales and packaging

items, a stolen .40-caliber handgun and $33,000 in



PnB Rock was arrested alongside Stephanie

Sibounheuang, who pleaded guilty in September

2019 to possession of a controlled substance and was

sentenced to six months of probation. PnB initially

denied the allegations in an Instagram Story after he

posted bond. 


“I don’t know what the fuck they was talking about,”

he said in the video. “It wasn’t me! What the fuck? I

look like I’m selling drugs? Never!”


Fans are hoping PnB stays out of trouble after he’s

been teasing new music recently. He’s been teasing a

new summer-ready song on his Instagram and asking

fans their opinion on which songs should make the

upcoming album. PnB Rock reminded fans that he’s a

force to be reckoned with after showing off some

RIAA-certified plaques earlier this month.



Source: Tyshawn Smith

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