Today Marks The 20th Anniversary Of Aaliyah’s Passing


 Today is a very sad day in the world of music, as it’s

officially been 20 years since R&B

singer/dancer/actress Aaliyah tragically passed away

in a plane crash at the age of 22. To celebrate her life

and career, fans have flooded social media with

memories of her short, but incredibly impactful



One of the most notable ways that Aaliyah’s memory

is being celebrated on the 20th anniversary of her

passing, is that her full musical catalogue was finally

announced to be released. Her ground-breaking

second album “One In A Million” hit streaming

services for the very first time on August 20th, with

her final album “Aaliyah,” the soundtrack to her

2000 feature film debut “Romeo Must Die” and more

also set to hit streaming services within the next few



Despite only releasing three studio albums, Aaliyah

continues to be a major musical influence on the

artists of today, who often cite her music, style and

image as a major inspiration. Although its been two

decades since she died unexpectedly, the fan demand

and interest in her has never really worn off. Her

name is often brought up and celebrated all

throughout social media, as fans and celebrity

friends continue to go out of their way to keep her

memory alive.



As we previously reported, as soon as “One In A

Million” dropped on iTunes, it shot straight to the

number one spot and was trending for several hours

on Twitter.  The album was also made available to

stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music

and various other platforms.


Although we no longer have Aaliyah here with us

physically, her memory will forever live on thanks to

the incredible body of work she left behind—which is

the bulk of her legacy. Her music is still a major

influence to many and will continue to stand the test

of time.


Rest in peace, Babygirl. We miss you.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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