Boosie Badazz Says Artists Don’t Eat Because They’re on Drugs


Boosie recently went viral for his interview on the Breakfast Club, where he addressed his comments about Lil Nas

X and also spoke on his relationship with the gay community. Since then, Boosie has been gearing up for his annual

Boosie Bash, which DaBaby is currently performing. Boosie noted he had some guests locked in but also revealed

some people who weren’t able to get back to the rapper.

Boosie spoke on how artists would be treated at Boosie Bash 3. Mama Badazz told Boosie that the artists need to be

well, especially since she’s catering the event. Boosie went on to say, “Artists don’t eat like that. They on drugs!!”

The rapper continued in another clip, saying, “My people think you gotta do too much for all these artists. Them

people not gon’ eat all this damn food! People is on drugs! They might take a picture in front of it.” Along with that,

Boosie noted he wouldn’t be wearing a coronavirus mask during the bash. Watch above.

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