Kim Kardashian Came Out in Wedding Dress During Kanye’s “Donda” Show

Kanye’s performance at Soldier Field in Chicago Thursday night featured various guests, including DaBaby and

Mariyln Manson. Kanye’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, also took part in the performance by coming out in a

wedding dress and veil.

While some fans are speculating whether Kim appearing in the show in a wedding dress, which she was also seen

wearing leaving the show with Kanye, means that they are reconciling, TMZ reports otherwise. Sources close to the

couple deny that Kim and Kanye are getting back together, but add that they are a “forever family” who will continue

to support one another.

Before Kim walked out, Kanye stunned onlookers by lighting himself on fire, which you can check out in full above.


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