First Male-Accuser of R.Kelly Testifies That the Singer Sexually Assaulted Him

More news coming out of the R. Kelly trial continues to peel back the layers of how depraved of an individual the

singer has demonstrated to be.

On Monday, a man testified that R. Kelly sexually assaulted him when he was 17-years-old. The first man to publicly

accuse Kelly of sexual assault said the singer assaulted him several times while he was a high school student.

He recounted meeting R. Kelly and described what happened the first time he was sexually assaulted by the singer.

“He asked me what I was willing to do for music,” said the man identified only as “Louis.” But after listing multiple

tasks he was willing to perform, none sufficed for Kelly. “He asked me if I had any fantasies,” Louis said, then quoted

Kelly: “‘You never had fantasies about men?'”

“I said no,” Louis continued. “And then he crawled down on his knees and proceeded to give me oral sex. He zipped

my pants down and he started doing it.”

Louis said after the first occasion, Kelly said “Don’t tell anyone,” adding, “We’re brothers now.” Louis went onto

testify that Kelly assaulted him several other times and recorded the encounters, mandating Louis call him “daddy”

during the encounter. Bizarrely enough, Louis said things began to change between them the more frequent the

encounters became. “As our relationship got stronger, he said I was like a brother,” Louis said. “I was his ‘little



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