Arrest Warrant Issued for Man Who Accosted Black Reporter On-Air

Update 08/31/2021 9:45pm:

An arrest warrant was issued for Benjamin Eugene Dagley who was identified as the man who accosted Shaquille

Brewster, a correspondent for MSNBC, who was reporting on Hurricane Ida. Local law enforcement have charged

Dagley with two counts of Simple Assault, one count of Disturbance of the Peace, and one count of Violation of

Emergency Curfew.

Dagley is currently on probation for a charge in Ohio and part of his probation conditions is restricted travel.

Original 08/30/2021 11:01pm:

MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster is currently trending after being verbally attacked on live television while

reporting on Hurricane Ida.

As Brewster reported on the storm, a white pickup truck can be seen pulling up behind the shot and exited an irate

man who confronted Brewster over his reporting. Brewster can be seen initially trying to ignore the man before he

gets in his face and says, “report accurately.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” concerned anchor Craig Melvin said. “We’re going to check in with Shaq Brewster just to make sure

all is well. There’s a lot of crazy out there, a lot of crazy.”

Not long after the incident, Brewster took to Twitter alerting everyone things were okay. Melvin updated the

audience as well, “You probably saw or heard a few moments ago, one of our correspondents was disrupted by some

wacky guy during his live shot there in Mississippi,” Melvin said. “Pleased to report that Shaquille Brewster is doing

just fine. Shaq is OK.”


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