Chicago Rapper King Yella Celebrates Release from Prison After 3 Years

Chicago rapper King Yella was recently released from prison after spending three years locked up, and he took to

Instagram to celebrate being free.

On Wednesday (September 1), he shared a photo of him standing with his loved ones, which was captioned, “I been

gone 🌍3 years everybody turned they back🤬 on me 🖕friends family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦over everything god 🙏🏽is good I’m back.”

In 2018, King Yella was arrested on multiple charges, including domestic battery by strangulation, coercion with

force or threat of force, and child abuse or neglect. However, he was officially charged with attempted burglary in

November 2018, and he was sentenced to five years, but he ended spending three behind bars at the Southern Desert

Correctional Center in Las Vegas.


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