Ex-Bad Boy Rapper Shyne Will Rap Again For Upcoming Biopic Soundtrack

EXCLUSIVE – Former Bad Boy Records rapper

Shyne was on top of the world in the late ’90s — he’d just

signed with Diddy’s label, his career was about to take off

and he was rubbing shoulders with the rap elite. But all of

that came to a screeching halt the night of December 27,

1999 when he was involved in a Manhattan nightclub

shooting that wound up costing him almost 10 years of

his life.


Convicted of attempted murder, assault, and reckless

endangerment, Shyne was ultimately sent to Clinton

Correctional Facility in Dannemora where he was forced

to watch the success of his debut self-titled album from

inside a prison cell. The project debuted at No. 5 on the

Billboard 200 and sold over 90,000 copies in its

inaugural week and was eventually certified platinum by

the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


After Shyne’s 2006 prison release, he was deported back

to his home country of Belize and has since established a

fruitful political career. Now as a member of the House of

Representatives, he’s laser focused on socio-political

issues affecting his community.


In the 2020 Belizean general election, Shyne was

nominated by the United Democratic Party to stand as a

candidate for the Belize House of Representatives in the

Belize City-based Mesopotamia constituency. On

November 11 of that year, he won the House of

Representatives seat for Mesopotamia. But that doesn’t

mean his rap career is entirely over.


Speaking to sources in a recent Zoom interview, Shyne —

who was in Los Angeles after Diddy reportedly helped

him secure a U.S. Visa — revealed he’s working on

multiple documentary projects that will require him to

pick up a microphone again.


“I will be doing a bio movie and bio documentary as well

as a bio TV series, which will all have corresponding

soundtracks,” he tells us. “I will be making music for

those. But for those projects, not for a career, just as an

attachment to those projects. You can’t have a movie

without a soundtrack. And so I would have to create

music for the movie and for the documentary.


“I would have to create music for the TV series. But again,

you’ll hear a lot of Belizean artists with my American

artist friends. So it would be a great opportunity to give

the Belizean musicians a platform.”


Shyne has already built a rapport with some of the

Belizean musicians as the government’s Music

Ambassador, a role appointed to him in 2010 by his

father, former Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow.


“My relationship with music is just helping the Belizean

musicians,” he explains. “That’s what I was doing for the

last 10 years; I was the government’s ambassador for

culture and the creative sector. I invested a little bit of my

own money and would match everything the government

would contribute. I would match it personally for

sustainable development of the Belizean music industry.


“I never give up on that passion and so I still try to help

them, still try to make connections between my American

music friends and the Belizean young talent that’s there. I

discovered so many young great talent. Now that I have

that platform, I’ll be doing all I can to bridge the gap and

allow them to walk over that bridge to success. We have

great artists like Supa GStig Da Artist, T.Y., Tanya

Carter, C-Wills and so many great artists that you guys

should all check out.”


Shyne is currently back in Belize where he’s back to work

on his political agendas. He commemorated his arrival

with an Instagram post on Tuesday (August 31).


“Good morning everyone,” he wrote. “I am so happy to be

home. Thanks to all the U.S. Officials, Investors,

friends/family from the Entertainment business and the

Belizeans in the diaspora who received me so warmly.

Thanks to all the supporters in the U.S., around the world

and home here in Belize who have been wishing me well.

Your prayers and positive energy has helped to make my

U.S. Official Mission a success.


“Please keep me in prayer, as I plan to work with both my

UDP Opposition & the PUP Administration to follow

through on all my official engagements to bring about

meaningful results for the benefit of the Belizean People.

Shyne had a bigger calling from the very beginning, now

he is the voice of many who is determined to make a



Source: Tyshawn smith

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