Fat Joe Has 'Snitch' Title Cut By Ex-Terror Squad Rapper Cuban Link: 'I'm Happy He Stood Up'

Fat Joe was recently accused of being a snitch by fellow

Terror Squad alum Cuban Link, prompting Joe to defend

himself on Instagram Live last week.


“Joe Crack the Don has never been a rat in his life, has

never told on a person in his life,” he said in part. “I’d kill

myself before I tell on somebody. Let’s be clear about



Now, Cuban Link is backpedaling on the allegations and

says he did his own investigation. By doing the research,

he came to the conclusion he’d been misled.


“So, enough time has gone by,” he begins in the clip. “It’s

time, the word is out, whatever it is, it’s childish shit. But

the Joe situation and the paperwork, it was explained

that I got it from Star. Star, if you go to his channel, you’ll

see all the shit that’s going on. He was the one that set it

off. He was actually getting mad that it wasn’t putting my

name out there instead of him. I just shouted him out in

everything I did because he’s the one who broke the


Cuban Link then explained he wanted to see if the

paperwork “was real or not” and said he “hoped it was

fake.” After speaking to Fat Joe about the allegations and

not hearing from the other party involved, he was led to

believe Fat Joe “was telling the truth.”


He added, “So the paperwork as it stands, it’s forgiven

[sic]. I’m glad that I did not get put on by no fake rat n-

gga, so there’s a part of me that is happy. Besides that, I

did my own homework and it leads to dead ends … He’s

not a rat. He’s not a snitch. Paperwork is fake … The truth

right now as it stands, he cleared his name.”


The longtime foes have been at each other’s throats

numerous times over the years. In April, Cuban Link

criticized Joe for not coming to Big Pun’s street-naming

ceremony. But the most recent incident took the cake. On

August 26, Cuban Link shared an Instagram clip

featuring video of the alleged paperwork that supposedly

proved Fat Joe had told police he sold crack cocaine on

Union Avenue in The Bronx and pointing at a man named

Marqueo Stroud for killing another person called Truth.


Fat Joe also allegedly revealed the names of other men

who committed murders involved with the initial crime.


“Fat joe exposed on snitching charges,” Cuban Link wrote

in the caption. “Big shout out to star for reporting the

truth and keeping it [100] percent across the board!!!

Now you might understand why I couldn’t get along with

that animal but I guess let’s wait for the authenticity of

this here paperwork.”


But as Fat Joe emphatically stated, the paperwork was

fabricated, and evidently Cuban Link agrees. Rumors and

allegations will always run rampant until proven wrong.

Joe Crack.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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