Fans Believe Drake Sent Subliminals at Kanye on “7AM on Bridle Path”

Drake dropped his highly anticipated Certified Lover Boy album at midnight on Friday (September 3), with features

from Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Future, and Young Thug. However, one of the most talked-about songs is

a solo from Drake called “7AM on Bridle Path.”

Halfway through the song, Drake raps about someone being “in denial” and “not coming correct for years.” The full

line made fans speculate if Drake is speaking about Kanye, “You over there in denial, we not neck and neck/It’s been

a lot of years since we seen you comin’ correct/Man, f**k a ‘Respectfully,’ I just want my respect/They tried to label

me mean, I say what I mean/People that could’ve stayed on the team/They played in between.”

Drake then seemingly responds to Kanye posting his address on Instagram with the line, “Give that address to your

driver, make it your destination/Instead of just a post out of desperation/This me reachin’ the deepest state of my

meditation/Why you over there tryna impress the nation?/Minds runnin’ wild with the speculation.”


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