Lupe Fiasco Sends Shots at Kid Cudi on Twitter: “F*** Cudi 4 Life”

On Thursday (September 2) night, Lupe Fiasco sent shots at Kid Cudi while speaking with fans on Twitter.

While speaking about Drake’s highly anticipated Certified Lover Boy album, a fan asked Lupe if he was going to skip

Cudi’s feature, and he replied, “F**k cudi 4 life.” Lupe gave Cudi props for his 2009 debut album Man on the Moon:

The End of Day, but added, “f**k that n***a…hahaha.” One Twitter user then got Lupe riled up when he told him that

Cudi was better than him, and Lupe responded, “No the F**k he not lol…”

The tweets were later deleted, but this isn’t the first time Lupe has gone at Kid Cudi. Back in 2014, Lupe called out Kid

Cudi for charging fans $500 for personalized verses. The following year, Lupe branded Cudi a “fake ass,” adding that

he should “stop sh*tting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart.”

Lupe has also challenged Kid Cudi to fight on multiple occasions, including when he spit a freestyle at a show in

Milwaukee in 2015, rapping, “P.S.: To all my enemies, you are now forgiven / Except Kid Cudi, cause that’s not my

muthaf**kin’ buddy / If I see him in the streets, it’s getting’ muthaf**kin’ ugly / Now I know you might be a fan / me

and him share similar sh*t and you like, ‘Damn!’ / But that don’t matter, they gonna be back into the chatter.” Later

at the show, Lupe told concertgoers that he was going to leave his beef with Cudi in the past, which hasn’t seemed to

happen yet.


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