Health Officials Claim New ‘Mu’ COVID-19 Variant Has Been Found in 49 States


Just when the people were wrapping their minds around the Delta variant of COVID-19, another variant of the virus has popped up across the country.

First discovered in Colombia in January, the mu variant of COVID-19 has spread to nearly four dozen countries since then and has been found in 49 states in the U.S. The

only state not to report any detection of the mu variant is Nebraska.

Health officials believe the mu variant is even more transmissible than the Delta variant and can potentially resist vaccines. According to the New York Daily News,

“California has reported the highest number of the latest variant with 384. A total of 167 of those cases were found in Los Angeles County.”

“The identification of variants like mu, and the spreading of variants across the globe, highlights the need for L.A. County residents to continue to take measures to protect

themselves and others,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of LA County Public Health, in a statement.

“This is what makes getting vaccinated and layering protections so important. These are actions that break the chain of transmission and limits COVID-19 proliferation

that allows for the virus to mutate into something that could be more dangerous.”


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