2 Chainz Reportedly Throws Fentanyl-Free Birthday Party

Previously, the deaths of numerous people have been rising due to drug-related issues, specifically with cocaine and fentanyl. News surfaced noting that comedian Fuquan Johnson along with two others passed away after using fentanyl-laced cocaine. The tragic deaths made headlines, and now many have been taking active measures to combat the rise in fentanyl. 2 Chainz recently threw a birthday bash for his 44th birthday and made it clear that his event would be fentanyl-free.

The rapper threw a ’70s themed party, and in place of laced-party favors, 2 Chainz offered a massive amount of marijuana and shrooms for partygoers. The event reportedly took place at the Members Only Lounge in Atlanta. On one of the captions of his posts via IG stories found him gripping two big bags of magic mushrooms and saying, “No fent party.” Take a look above.

source: TMZ

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