It was clear from the very beginning — both fighters were on totally different levels and Belfort took advantage.

Of course, Holyfield is one of the greatest fighters EVER … but it’s clear at 58 years old, he is not the same champion boxer from the past.

Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh wants to see more of Belfort — announcing he’s proposing a $30 million “winner take all” fight against Jake Paul.

7:00 PM PT — Trump just had to watch his great friend and MMA legend Tito Ortiz go down against Silva … with the Huntington Beach Bad Boy getting knocked out cold.

#45 gave props to Silva for the win … but you could tell he and Don Jr. were pulling for Ortiz.

The fans in attendance are absolutely LOVING Trump, BTW — with most people in the crowd chanting, “We Want Trump” after a powerful rendition of the national anthem.

Trump gave the crowd love right back … saying, “We love our country, we love our country. Thank you very much.”

Former president Donald Trump has taken the mic at the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort fight … and it didn’t take long for him to go off on President Joe Biden and the crisis in Afghanistan.

As we previously reported, The Donald is providing alternate broadcast commentary for the Triller Fight Club event Saturday night … and opened up his first appearance by discussing the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

donald trump

While Trump didn’t mention Biden by name, he alluded to “very bad decisions” made during the end of the Afghanistan conflict. He promised America would “comeback like nobody’s ever seen.”

“As a country, the United States, this is certainly one of the most important days … and we had a very bad week because of some very bad decisions that were made,” Trump said minutes ago. “And it made it even more somber than it should normally be.”

“We love our country and we’re going to do great things for our country and our country’s going to come back.”

The former prez also honored the 13 US servicemen — “great warriors” — who were killed outside the airport in Kabul.

Trump eventually switched to boxing, saying he was excited to watch the legendary fighters on the card … including Anderson Silva, who he accidentally called “Anderson Silver.”

Be sure to check back in as we update you on all the highlights from the night.

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