Pop Smoke’s New York Gravesite Reportedly Vandalized

According to TMZ, a horrific scene has taken place at Pop

Smoke’s final resting place. The media outlet shared

images obtained earlier today that show Pop Smoke’s

gravesite on the outer mausoleum destroyed. Vandals

allegedly cracked and broke the marble plaque listing his

full name Bashar Barakah Jackson.


The alleged disrespect took place at Green-Wood

Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. This is reportedly

where Pop Smoke was buried following his tragic death

in 2020. According to sources, there were burned and

discarded items, included flowers, in front of the broken



It’s unclear whether Pop Smoke’s casket remains inside

or untouched. However, drag marks were allegedly found

on the ground in front of the holding place. Apparently,

what seems to be a concrete slab and a black, rectangular

object was also found across from the mausoleum.


Sources  reported that the gravesite was cleaned up

following security being notified of the scene. The broken

plaque was also reportedly replaced with a blank slab and

a caution tape was placed around the area.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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