Westside Gunn Knew Marilyn Manson Photo Would Have People 'Shitting On Themselves'

Westside Gunn went to school at George Perimeter

College in Atlanta — for one day. Young and admittedly

careless at the time, he took the financial aid money and

bought drugs to sell instead. Deep down, Westside Gunn

knew he was destined for something else,

something great. 


Now at the helm of Griselda Records with his brother

Conway The Machine and cousin Benny The

Butcher, Westside Gunn is living the life he always

dreamed of but on his own terms. His latest

album, Hitler Wears Hermes VIII: Sincerely

Adolf, found him collaborating with rap juggernaut Lil

Wayne along with his labelmates Boldy James, Mach-

Hommy, Rome Streetz Stove God Cooks and, of course,

Conway and Westside.


Two days after its arrival, Kanye West finally delivered

his long-awaited Donda album and Westside Gunn was

among its many, many guests. But at one point, he didn’t

think he’d made the cut.


During a recent interview with sources, the 39-year-old

powerhouse explained how his inclusion on “Keep My

Spirit Alive” wound up being a pleasant surprise and

luckily, didn’t need to go full-on Soulja Boy either.


“That was one of the things that was a big deal to me,” he

tells sources. “I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know it was

going to be on the album at first. He ended up doing like

the listening in Las Vegas and everybody was hitting me

like, ‘Yo, I heard you on Kanye album.’ So I was happy as

shit. I’m like, ‘Word. I did it.’ So it was like, ‘Damn, OK.

He finally dropping it, and I’m on it.’ Then he had the

listening party in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Arena,

one of the biggest stadiums, period. He played [the song]

and I wasn’t on it.


“I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not on this shit?’ I took my

family, we all in there, I was just waiting to hear my part

and it never came on. So I’m leaving the stadium like,

‘Man, fuck this man.’ I was mad as hell. So then he had

another one in Atlanta and I was like, ‘I ain’t going back

to that one.’ And then I was on it [laughs].”


Kanye then reached out to Westside Gunn to attend the

third and final public listening party at Soldier Field in

Chicago — and he happily hopped on a plane.


“I was like if he’s inviting me to Chicago, I must be on it,”

he says. “For him to want me in Chicago? So once I went

to Chicago, I’m thinking I’m just going to watch it from

the stands, but no he actually took me backstage. I hung

out with everybody, was just chillin’ and then I ended up

on the porch.”


Kanye had done the seemingly impossible and recreated

his childhood home for the event. As the album played,

various contributors to the album would pop up,

including DaBaby and Marilyn Manson.

Both artists have been the center of controversy at some

point over the past year. DaBaby was under fire for

his perceived homophobic rant at Rolling Loud in July,

while Manson is currently facing multiple sexual assault

allegations from several women.


Nevertheless, Westside Gunn took a photo with the

legendary shock rocker and posted it on Instagram,

causing a wave of controversy in his comment section.

But as he explained at the time, he wasn’t about to not

take a photo with someone whose music he grew up on,

especially when there hasn’t been a conviction.


“I do what I want to do,” he says. “I don’t look at social

media because I live like a wrestler. If you look at

wrestler analogy and terms, I’m a heel. You got your

good guy and then you got your bad guy that people love.

I was always considered the bad guy, but people love me.


“People sometimes forget that I’m really a heel. Like, I’m

really the bad guy, you know what I’m saying? Don’t get

shit twisted. It’s just that I made it to the point where

sometimes you cheer for the bad guy to the point where

you actually forget he’s the bad guy.”


Westside Gunn likens it to the character from The Joker. 


“In his movie, you really cheer him on and you love him,

but you actually forgot this is the guy who like blew up a

million building and tried to kill Batman,” he continues.

“It’s the same thing. It’s like I’m still the Joker. Don’t

forget it. I might feed the homeless and give back to the

kids, but I still got the train hostage [laughs]. Don’t forget

that shit.


“I be moving, calculating, so I knew people was going to

be fucking shitting on themselves when I did it, but it was

just like, why not? At the end of the day you mad at me,

but he on Kanye’s porch, not mine. Don’t get mad at me. I

gave him his flowers. I’m a ’90s baby. That’s Marilyn




Source: Tyshawn Smith

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