50 Cent Reveals He Tried to Get Snoop Dogg to Stop Smoking On ‘BMF’ Set

50 Cent recently has been on the run to promote his latest show on Starz—‘BMF.’ The story is centered around the Black

Mafia Family, specifically the rise of Demetrius and Terry Flenory. Big Meech’s son is starring on the show, and Snoop

Dogg also has a part, taking on the role of Pastor Swift.

Snoop’s role reportedly finds him playing a pastor who is supposed to serve as a moral compass for Big Meech and

Southwest T during their time in the game. 50 noted that things were going smoothly on set but also talked about trying to

convince Snoop to stop smoking on set.

50 said Snoop Dogg was phenomenal while shooting the series, as he directed the California legend in the episode he

starred in. However, 50 told Kimmel, “You know, you can’t get him to stop smoking weed, Jimmy.” 50 said he went into

Snoop’s trailer and asked him to stop, which was met with a response of “Get out of here, man.” The Queens rapper

laughed and said Snoop responded while smoking by saying, “It’s legal 50, it’s legal.” 50 laughed while saying Snoop told

him, “Why you wanna mess up my day?” Take a look above.


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