Bleu Accused Of Stalking BM, Claims Cops Took Him Away From Her Home

Previously, Bleu took to social media to give an update on an incident where he claimed the mother of his child had their son and refused to give him back. The artist said that the police were threatening to give the woman kidnapping charges, but he stopped that. Now, the mother of Bleu’s child has taken to Instagram to make a claim about the artist, saying he has been stalking her.

Via IG, Shunna Phillips said, “If something happens to me i want everyone to know bleuvandross did it!!!!!” She then went on to say, “Last night he came to my house beating and kicking on my door acting a fool. The police had to escort him from the property and make his crazy a** leave. Bleu is literally INSANE and MENTALLY ILL. This boy really needs daily supervised meds smh. Please stop stalking me and using our son as a pawn and coverup for your sick bitter BD antics.”

Her claims then took a darker turn, with Phillips saying, “He portrays to be solid on social media but be a whole mental patient behind the scenes flawed out and fake asf. I’m so thankful for our break up because he’s truly a mental, verbal, emotional, and physical abusing narcissist that has tried to take my life twice, once at gunpoint and the other with a knife to my throat. Smh.” Take a look above.


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