London On Da Track’s Mom Reportedly Testifies In R. Kelly Trial

R. Kelly’s trial has been taking place, and more witnesses are coming out to testify against the singer. Recently, news surfaced noting that a witness named Cheryl Mack took the stand. Mack is a former assistant of Kelly and is also the mother of famed producer London On Da Track.

Mack claimed that she saw a woman start to massage the singer at a concert and that the same woman who was massaging Kelly ended up accusing the singer of sexual abuse. Mack reportedly went on to say, “That was kind of my cue to leave. I was very uncomfortable.” Mack also pointed out that she saw the woman’s face near the singer’s crotch.

According to Reuters, people have testified that R. Kelly forced them to write letters that would incriminate themselves so he could use the letters against them later. Mack said she allegedly wrote a letter after R. Kelly “lost his temper” following a messed-up birthday party.

Mack went on to say, “I apologized out of fear.” The former assistant pointed out that Kelly forced her to put lies about taking “kickbacks from booking agents” in the letter she wrote. Mack addressed the letter by saying, “I wasn’t thinking at all.”


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