Kodak Black Addresses the Loss of WizDaWizard

News surfaced noting Sniper Gang affiliate, and close friend of Kodak Black—WizDaWizard was reportedly shot and

killed. The artist’s body was found by a dog walker early this past Friday. Since then, Kodak Black has been quiet related

to Wiz’s passing but has spoken up about his loss.

Kodak Black was recently present at a gathering for the family of Jennifer Sepot, a Fort Lauderdale police officer that lost

their life after a fight with COVID-19. While speaking on Sepot, Kodak mentioned the loss of his friend Wiz. The rapper

said, “The stuff with Jennifer, it touched me ’cause my beautiful girlfriend, she’s expecting my daughter soon. I just lost a

friend. A very close friend for, like — we’ve been friends for like over 10 years. I just lost him yesterday, and he has a

beautiful baby girl, too. It’s crazy dealin’ with losin’ loved ones and stuff like that. It’s hard. I’ve been dealing with losses

my whole life.”

As of now, police are currently investigating the shooting for Wiz, noting they are investigating foul play. Stay tuned for

more updates.


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