Tory Lanez ALLEGEDLY Headed To The Big House!

Although there’s no official confirmation as of yet, Gossip of the City reports that the rapper will be headed off to jail later

today. The outlet claims that Tory Lanez allegedly violated the restraining order that Megan Thee Stallion took out against

him when he performed at Rolling Loud this past summer.

The claims made by the gossip outlet were further fueled by Tory Lanez’s last tweet, which read — in its entirety — “it’s

been real.” The rapper also deleted most of his Instagram posts, and changed his profile photo to a black square.

Black Twitter wasted no time in sharing their opinions on the matter, with most folks celebrating the fact that the rapper

— who shot Megan Thee Stallion in the feet — would finally be accountable for his crimes.

First day of fall AND Tory Lanez is going to jail? REAL HOT GIRL SHIT


It bears stating that nothing has been confirmed by Lanez’s team, as of this writing. No other outlets have confirmed this

allegation, either. If it is true, however, there’s nobody that deserves it more than he does. “Both sides” don’t deserve a

platform, and there’s absolutely no reason or justification why he should have shot anybody, let alone a woman.

And please spare me the conspiracy theories about how Tory Lanez was going to buy Universal Records or some other

horsesh*t, and “the lumernaaaati” is keeping him down. No. Absolutely the f*ck not. That’s not how the music industry

works. I’ve been in it for more years than most readers have been alive. “The lumernaaaaaaaaati” could care less what a

subliterate rapper does with his money — they’re too busy trying to force a hegemonic takeover of democratic


I also don’t care what some random white dude got away with — they don’t need to get away with it either.

And finally, I am well aware that there’s a different justice system for white men and Black men. I well acknowledge that

the corruption of the system has resulted in Black, LatinX, and indigenous men being incarcerated at a rate that’s

exponentially higher than their white counterparts, simply because they couldn’t afford a big-shot lawyer that could sway

the system in their favor. The for-profit prison pipeline is real, and I fully believe the whole system is overdue for an


However, motherf*ck Tory Lanez for using those facts as an excuse for what he did. I will never get behind a man that

shot a woman — especially a Black woman — for petty, unnecessary reasons. There’s no “there’s more to the story.” And

unless Megan herself was ramming a Sig Sauer up his a** — which she wasn’t — nothing justifies what happened to her.


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