50 Cent Mocks Michael K. Williams’ Death Again for ‘Raising Kanan’ Promo

After the official autopsy report surfaced, attributing actor Michael K. Williams’ cause

of death to a combination of fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine, 50 Cent used it as yet

another opportunity to stir up controversy to promote his show, Raising Kanan.

50 shared a screenshot of the TMZ headline revealing Williams’ cause of death and

captioned the photo, “Oh [eyeball emoji] damn he smoked that little blue cap out of

juke box bag. [shrug emoji] her catch Raising Kanan this weekend.”

This drew the ire of many who continue to lament 50 for his insensitivity. He was at

the center of controversy when Williams initially passed away and used immediately

posted about the late actor in an effort to promote Raising Kanan. 

Source: twitter.com

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