Birdman Says He’s Done More For Hip-Hop Than Diddy And Jay-Z


Birdman is regarded as one of the more successful

rap moguls of his generation, having built Cash

Money Records into one of the biggest record labels

in the game. But during an appearance on Big Bank

and DJ Scream’s Big Facts podcast, the New Orleans

native spoke on his belief that he’s reached higher

heights in the music industry than his peers in hip-

hop, including Jay-ZDiddy, and Russell Simmons.


“As a man, I accomplished more than all of them. And

I don’t say that in a disrespectful way. I’m not trying

to be disrespectful,” said Birdman. “But the reality of

it is, none of these dudes accomplished more than me

in the music business. Not one of them, I don’t care

what name you say, accomplished more than me.

That’s facts. No if, and, or buts about it.”


When asked if he feels his resume stacks up to the

likes of Puff and Hov, the veteran mogul and rap star

stood his ground while giving his counterparts their

just due. “Man, he’s one of the ni**as that turned me

up,” Birdman said of Diddy. “And I’ll never say

anything negative about Puff. I’m not gonna deprive

that he [put a lot of people on]. But I don’t think they

did more than me. And you can ask him yourself, he’ll

vouch for it. You can ask JAY-Z himself, he’ll vouch

for it. They ain’t accomplished more than me in this

music business and that’s facts. Sold, artists, yeah, I

did that. Big bank, big boy. I did that, brother, no



Despite Cash Money accounting for over one billion

records sold and accrued hundreds of millions of

dollars, Birdman still feels as though he doesn’t get

the same amount of praise as his peers, who are often

lauded for their contributions to hip-hop culture and

their business acumen.


“I ask myself those questions,” he says when asked

why he’s not as revered as other CEOs in the game.

“When you’re speaking of music, I should be the

forefront of it. Not to say these other dudes ain’t

accomplish nothing ’cause we got great men [who]

did it before us, the Russell Simmons, all of ’em, the

Jay-Zs. These ni**as did this s*** before me, but they

ain’t did more than me. I would never speak down on

no ni**a, that ain’t my thing, I ain’t come up like that,

but I just look at it like maybe my mission ain’t

finished. Let me finish my mission because they

honor these dudes more than me and I know for a fact

nare one of ’em outsold me, accomplished more than

me, did more than me and I say that humbly with

respect ’cause I respect all those dudes who did it

before me. But they never accomplished more than

me, but I don’t get the gratitude for my



According to Birdman, the fact that he’s a southern

mogul, as opposed to being based on the west or east

coasts, has played a part in him not receiving the

same amount of flowers as others. “I’m a gangsta and

I’m a south ni**a,” he explains. “Those coasts help

their own and they ride for their coasts and I respect

that. That’s how I think, but at the same time, it

motivate me more than anything. It makes me wanna

go harder.


“I don’t think none of these ni**as can outhustle me.

Not a ni**a on planet earth in music. And I set the

[standard]. And I’m not just feeling like that, this [is]

facts. Pull it up, I do this s*** for real. And I can say

this here, I’ve blessed more lives than any one of them

ni**as. I’ve blessed more lives than any one of these

dudes that do what I do.”


In addition to tooting his own horn, Birdman also

puts respect on the name of fellow CEOs like Master P

and Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, who he also feels

hasn’t been as celebrated as their respective resumes

merit. The reality is Birdman has earned his stripes

and the right to say whatever he likes. Are we finished

or are we done?


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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