Trina and Trick Daddy’s Radio Show Reportedly Gets Taken Off-Air

According to reports, Trina and Trick Daddy were officially fired as radio show hosts at 99JAMZ. The duo had a show that was canceled after being on-air for years. It was noted Trina and Trick were supposed to be the on-air replacements for the morning slot left by Ricky Smiley, but the duo wasn’t added back after being taken off the air abruptly.

News of this comes after reported comments made by both artists, which caused backlash. One instance found Trick Daddy speaking on Beyoncé during an appearance he made on the Clubhouse app, saying that Texas artist “can’t sing.” Along with that, Trina previously faced backlash after speaking on the curfew in Miami last year related to George Floyd protesters, calling people in the streets “animals” who “escaped from a zoo.”

Since then, Trina has taken to Instagram to deliver indirect comments related to her and Trick Daddy being removed from their radio hosting duties. Take a look above.

source: Yahoo

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