DJ Mustard Updates Studio Rules After Going Viral for Banning “Ugly” People


Update 09/28/2021 12:20pm:

Previously, DJ Mustard went viral after the producer posted his studio rules, which

started off by banning people from his studio if they were “f**king ugly.” Now, the

producer has released an updated version of his studio rules, with more detail as to

why he made his rules.

The first rule still finds the producer banning people who are “ugly” but says the rule

has nothing to do with how the person looks. Mustard’s explanation says, “This has

nothing to do with how you look—it’s about the energy you are putting out. Yes, there

is a such thing as an ugly attitude and personality. So if your energy ain’t right—stay yo

ugly a** at home!”

Another rule Mustard gave more detail on was his second rule about hitting the gym.

Mustard went on to say, “This rule is to motivate!! I’m not perfect.. but I’m not who I

was back then… I’m always trying to better myself. And yes, I hit the gym every day.”

Take a look above.

Original 09/25/2021 1:00pm:

Artists who spend much time in the studio usually create a comfortable space for them

to work in and create to their fullest potential. Grammy Award-winning producer DJ

Mustard made massive hit songs over the years, and now the producer has revealed

some studio rules that help him and the people he is working with prosper.

Mustard’s rules were very stern yet funny at the same time, with the first rule saying,

“Do not come in here if you’re f**king ugly.” From there, Mustard made it clear he

only wants the energy to be great, saying, “High vibes only. No negative s**t.” Mustard

also made it clear he doesn’t want to be distracted, saying, “No small talk… come to

work.” While many laughed at the rules and agreed, Mustard’s rules went viral due to

the first one about being ugly. Take a look above.


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