Lil Baby’s BM and Entourage Reportedly Arrested in Jamaica for Gun Possession


According to reports, the mother of Lil Baby’s child—Jayda Cheaves, was arrested. The

arrest allegedly took place while Cheaves was on vacation in Jamaica to celebrate her

24th birthday.

Cheaves was trying to make her way back to the United States but was reportedly

detained by the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Along with that, members of her

entourage were detained as well. According to sources from the JCF, Cheaves and her

team flew into Jamaica via a private jet, but the guns were detected as the

entrepreneur, and her team were on the way out. Two 9mm pistols were found in their

possession, which stopped them from leaving Jamaica.

Police sources that spoke to Urban Islands said the weapons found are licensed in the

United States. However, they aren’t licensed in “Jamaica which is where the problem


Since the arrest, Cheaves has been on social media and addressed the matter, saying,

“Act normal I’m good for now y’all.” Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Urban Islandz

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