Alleged Pop Smoke Killer Says He Told Shooter to Use Vase Not Gun

The death of Pop Smoke has found numerous people rounded up for the murder of the

late Brooklyn rapper. Reports noted that the alleged killer of Pop Smoke—Corey

Walker, was denied bail by a judge in the case. Now, the alleged killer insists that he

only wanted to hit Pop Smoke in the head with a vase, not shoot him.

Attorney Chris Darden filed a motion on behalf of Corey Walker to have the murder

and robbery charges against Walker dismissed. The motion made by Darden claims

Walker wasn’t at Pop Smoke’s house to even hurt him, and that he allegedly told the

shooters to hit him with a vase, not fire shots at him.

Darden went on to say that there’s no evidence showing that Walker actually entered

Pop Smoke’s home with a weapon and also noted he wasn’t the shooter. Darden said

Walker told authorities that he “assaulted” the shooter after learning the Brooklyn

rapper was shot. Walker’s next hearing in this case is set for December 3, 2021.

source: Rolling Stone

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