Jamie Foxx Reveals He Got Snoop Dogg to Intimidate His Daughter’s Boyfriend


Jamie Foxx has been making a run following the release of his book ‘Act Like You Got

Some Sense,’ which is set to drop on October 19. While on ‘The Tonight Show’ with

Jimmy Fallon, the actor and musician spoke about a time mentioned in his book

where he had to use one of his high-profile celebrity friends to vet his daughter’s

boyfriend. That celebrity turned out to be Snoop Dogg.

Foxx went on talking about how he had Snoop press his daughter’s boyfriend, saying,

“What happened was my daughter, who didn’t know that I had already run a

background check on her boyfriend, he comes to the crib and Snoop happens to be

there. I said, ‘Snoop there he is right there. Shake him up.’”

From there, Foxx gave a hilarious impersonation of Snoop, saying, “Snoop walked

over to my daughter’s boyfriend and just said, ‘Hey what’s up? What’s up cuz. Hey,

look here you know we her uncles, you know what I’m saying? So act accordingly,



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