Tyga Breaks His Silence & Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence Arrest

By lizsmith23


Earlier this week we reported that Tyga turned himself

in to the LAPD and has been cooperating with officials

over domestic violence. Now he’s breaking his silence

and speaking out.

According to the 22-year-old model, Camaryn Sawnson,

Tyga hit her during a heated argument that took place

at his home in Los Angeles on Oct.11. Earlier this week,

Swanson spoke about the case on her Instagram Story

and revealed why she believed it was necessary to come

forth and shed light on the situation.

She posted a video showing the injuries she allegedly

sustained during their suspected altercation. In one

video, the model’s eye appears to be blackened,

swollen, and bruised. In a second clip, Swanson lifts her

sleeve close to the camera where blood stains can be

seen spattered across her sweatshirt.


Swanson went on to post text messages backing up her

argument against Tyga. The messages revealed that the

rapper willingly sent for a car to pick her up and bring

her to his home, which refutes what the source

originally shared about Swanson showing up



A day later there were reports that the west coast

rapper turned himself into the LAPD and had been

cooperating with officials to tell his side of what

happened leading up to their alleged scuffle. However,

Tyga posted a message on his Instagram story

Fridayclaiming that wasn’t the case.

It is unclear what the status of this case is, but Tyga

denies being hit with charges regarding the incident.


The former couple reportedly began dating in early

2021 and seemed blissfully in love once they went

Instagram official in March, however, it’s unclear as to

why the pair recently split. Unfortunately, Tyga could

be hit with a possible domestic violence felony if the

case is brought to court but we will have to see if the DA

files charges first.

It seems as though Tyga can’t catch a break from news

headlines lately. Just recently, Nikita Dragun, a YouTube

singer who declared herself as the world’s first trans

pop star, backed rumors from Blac Chyna about Tyga

being into transgenders, by leaking some of her private

DM’S with the rapper. She posted a video where she

claims that Tyga tried to hook up with her, asking for

her number while sending his own. This falls on top of a

long list of rumors that have been building up the last

couple of years regarding Tyga’s sexuality.


Hopefully both parties involved can resolve this issue

and stay safe while doing so! Domestic violence is never

okay and we’re wishing everyone affected by this

situation a speedy recovery, physically, emotionally and



SOURCE: Bossip.com





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