600 Breezy Addresses King Von and Quando Rondo Incident



The loss of King Von following an alleged fight with Quando Rondo has found many in

the hip hop community as well Chicago mourning the loss of Von. The rapper

reportedly got into an argument with Quando Rondo that was allegedly a one-on-one

fight that ultimately morphed into a shooting. Since then, Quando Rondo affiliate Lul

Tim was arrested for the incident and released on bond. Now, 600 Breezy has

commented on the unfortunate incident and gave his thoughts on why things turned

out how they did.

While on the Fresh Fit podcast, 600 Breezy noted that Von and Rondo were fighting

one-on-one and despite the fair fight, Lul Tim still popped out and shot Von. 600

Breezy noted you still have to protect yourself no matter what and noted that incident

is exactly why people from Chicago protect themselves. Watch above.


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