L.A. County Requests Vanessa Bryant Take Psych Exam For Crash Lawsuit

Earlier this year, Vanessa Bryant settled a wrongful lawsuit against Island Express

helicopters, the company that operated the helicopter which was transporting Kobe

and Gianna Bryant. Since then, Vanessa Bryant along with others filed a lawsuit which

is reportedly going to trial. The suit is over leaked photos of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter

crash. Now, Los Angeles County reportedly wants Vanessa Bryant to take a psychiatric

exam for her lawsuit.

This past Friday, L.A. County filed a motion claiming that independent medical

examinations will be needed to prove “severe emotional and mental injuries.” The

motion went on to say that Bryant and the other plaintiffs are looking to get “tens of

millions of dollars to compensate them for their alleged mental and emotional

injuries.” Because of that, their examinations will help to evaluate their “alleged


Bryant’s attorney responded to that motion, saying, “It does not take an expert — and

it certainly does not take an involuntary eight-hour psychiatric examination — for a

jury to assess the nature and extent of the emotional distress caused by Defendants’

misconduct.” As of now, the hearing for the suit is scheduled for November 5, and the

trial is supposed to start in February 2022.

source: CNN

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