Summer Walker Responds To Fans Criticizing Her New Non-Sad Single–‘Leave Me Alone’

Last week the “Over It” album maker dropped her highly-anticipated single “Ex For A

Reason” produced by Sean Garrett featuring City Girls rapper JT.

On the track, the ladies talk breakups and a man “that got his attention all over the

place”—“I hope y’all learn from my mistakes,” sings Summer.


“That b*** our ex (Your ex), for a reason though (Reason though),” is the hook. “Try

me, trespass, Guaranteed to beat yo a** (Oh, oh) That b*** your ex (Your ex), for a

reason though (Reason though). It’s too much for her heart to take, I give no f***s

bout what she gotta say (No, woah)”

Unfortunately for Summer, some fans thought the single fell short and were

displeased with the upbeat tune. Several in particular noted that they were

anticipating an R&B ballad.

Summer clearly caught wind of the criticism and she issued a response.


“Stop @-ing me, ” wrote Summer on her InstaStory. “The first song I wanted to release

was called Toxic but we here now. I had no say in making this decision. So let’s just

move past it now. We’re here now, so leave me alone,” she reiterated.


What do YOU think about “Ex For A Reason?”

Summer’s sophomore album “Still Over It” will drop on November 15. The 20-track

album includes a track called “Ciara’s Prayer,” narrated by Ciara herself.


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