Judge Sets February 2022 Date for Cuba Gooding Jr. Sex Crimes Trial

Update 10/19/2021 11:56am:

Over the last few years, Cuba Gooding Jr. has been facing some tough times, as the

actor was accused of unwanted touching by three women in separate incidents. Along

with that, the actor was charged with rape in another separate lawsuit. Now, a judge

has set a date for Gooding’s trial.

Reports noted Gooding appeared in person at a Manhattan Supreme Court. Judge

Curtis Farber spoke on the case and denied a motion to hold off on the trial until May

2022. Farber reportedly said, “This case has been on my calendar for two years going

on three years. This is a firm trial date, and it has to go.”

Parties in the case will reportedly appear in court on January 24, ahead of the trial,

for a status conference. As of now, Gooding is facing six misdemeanor counts of

forcible touching and sexual abuse from the three women previously mentioned. Stay

tuned for more updates.

source: NBC 4 New York

Original 07/31/2021 12:54pm:

Previously, it was revealed that a woman who accused actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of

groping her in a club won her lawsuit against him. Along with that, three other women

have accused the actor of sexually assaulting them, with one of the women alleging

that Gooding raped her in a New York hotel room. Now, a judge has reportedly issued

a default judgment in relation to the alleged rape in New York.

According to reports, Gooding missed the deadline to respond to the court, which was

May 13. The judge didn’t feel it was fair for the accuser to keep waiting as Gooding was

“willfully ignoring” the suit against him. Gooding has consistently denied the

allegations thrown at him, and his lawyer issued a statement saying the accuser is

“looking for some glory to bask in the publicity and notoriety of Cuba Gooding Jr’s


As of now, the accuser is asking for $6 million in damages, and she will have to head

back to court on September 7 to hear a judge’s decision on the matter. The actor and

his lawyer were reportedly invited to the hearing to discuss damages ahead of the

actual ruling.

The criminal trial for Gooding is set to start on October 18, 2021, and Gooding has pled

not guilty to all charges.

source: Huffington Post

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