Man Speaks Out After Viral Video Shows Him Stopping Kid from Stealing His Car


Over the weekend, footage of a kid trying to steal a Mercedes surfaced online. The

video went viral because the owner of the car ran up to the kid as he was behind the

wheel, and the man pulled out a gun. The kid then stepped out with both hands


The man has since taken to Instagram to speak out on the situation. He explained that

he left his car running at a gas station on the East side of Atlanta, but the man says he

was keeping a close watch on his car. When he saw the kid jump inside and try to take

off, the man says he pulled out his gun and the kid got out and begged him not to


During the video, the man explained that he had a conversation with the kid, and he

said that he told the kid to get a new hustle. To hear more of what he had to say, hit the

above clip.


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