Nas Recalls DMX Making Him Cry While Filming “Belly”


Desus & Mero caught up with Nas at his Sweet Chick restaurant to discuss the rap

legend’s career, business ventures, King’s Disease 2, and filming Belly with the late


On the latter, Nas talked about the film being a breakthrough moment for him and

DMX as well as the bond the two rappers formed. He said having the film premiere in

Times Square was a big deal for him and X, as New York natives. The Queensbridge

artist also recalled a moment when the two cried together on the film’s set.

“We formed a brotherhood,” Nas said. “I didn’t have to see him, I didn’t have to call

him, he didn’t have to call me. When we saw each other, though, it was that. Even

working on the film, we cried. We was at The Tunnel, outside doing a scene and I was

like, ‘You feel that, bro? You know what’s happening?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah.’ And he

started talking to me and he started crying and now I’m crying.”

Nas also took the moment to reject the notion that DMX didn’t receive enough love

and praise while he was alive. He highlighted X’s career achievements and claimed the

rapper received “more love than 1,000 rappers put together.”

“People need to understand DMX had more love than most rappers will ever see,” he

added. “DMX had the love. People said that when he passed where was the love when

he was alive. You gotta be kidding me. He had more love than probably 98 percent of

rappers will ever have. He walked through any hood, he sold millions of records, he

had an incredible movie career…kids ain’t doing that today.”

To hear more, scroll through the above clips.


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