Bobby Shmurda Accused of Twerking in New Music Video



Bobby Shmurda previewed the music video for his upcoming single on Monday, Oct.

19. Despite the single being only Bobby’s second official musical offering since

his release from prison, fans were more concerned about the rapper’s dancing in the

video rather than the single, itself.

Reportedly titled “Trapping Is a Sport,” the single finds Bobby Shmurda shifting

towards a sound that’s opposite of the hardcore records he became widely recognized

for. The Brooklyn rapper is seen in the video surrounded by women in bikinis, while

rapping on a speedboat and in an empty mansion.

While fans took notice of the change in musical direction, many viewers pointed out

Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves throughout the clip. The rapper appears shirtless and

his swinging his hips in various shots throughout the teaser.

“Those dance moves kinda sus bobby,” read one comment with over 10,000 likes.

Another pair of comments — each with over 8,000 likes — also called the rapper out

for his dance moves.

“Ay bro why u move like that,” one Instagram user wrote, while another wrote, “He

was rocking them hips!”

Despite the negative reaction by some of Bobby Shmurda’s fans, fellow artists Busta

Rhymes and Fetty Luciano cosigned the 27-year-old’s upcoming music video. The

upcoming single will be Bobby Shmurda’s follow-up to his comeback record, “No Time

For Sleep,” which was released in Sept. 2021.


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