Chris Brown Roasts Kanye West, Says He Has a ‘Punishment Haircut’

Piggybacking off Soulja Boy’s earlier roasting of Kanye West, or more precisely, Ye,

for his bizarre haircut, Chris Brown joined in on the fun in a series of posts on his IG


“N**** just wanted a lineup,” CB captioned a photo of Stevie Wonder giving Ye a cut.

“Virgil [Abloh] made this for the Ye cut,” he said for another photo of a white baseball

cap with holes cut out. He wasn’t done there.

“He asked the Barbour [sic] for the f**ked up worldwide fade,” he said in reference to

the viral photo of Ye standing in line at a McDonald’s. “N**** wanna make ‘what the

f**k’ in style. He got the punishment haircut.”

Chris Brown was likely a little heavy-handed on the jokes about Ye’s latest hairstyle,

considering how CB didn’t appear on Donda as anticipated. He was originally on the

track entitled “New Again,” but was removed at the last minute before the album



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