Kim Kardashian Pays Kanye West $23 Million Keep Hidden Hills Mansion

Kim Kardashian is now the sole owner of the home she shared with Kanye West after

paying her estranged husband $23 million.

According to Los Angeles records, Kim paid $20 million for the property and an

additional $3 million for the home’s furniture, art, and other contents. Kim and

Kanye purchased the Hidden Hills property for $20 million, in 2014, and spent six

years completely rebuilding the property.

The recent update in Kim’s divorce from the rapper comes after West put one of his

Wyoming ranches up for sale last week. The 40-year-old previously confirmed that

West’s move to Wyoming contributed to their split.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year after being married to Kanye West

for almost seven years. The former couple shares joint legal and physical custody of

their four children.

Source: NY Post

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