Cardi B Gives Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottie Sauce a Review, Calls It “Bomb”



Artists like Saweetie and Travis Scott have done interesting collaborations with

restaurants like McDonald’s, and Megan Thee Stallion recently hopped in that lane

after teaming up with Popeyes.

The Texas rapper recently dropped her ‘Hottie Sauce’ to accompany the brand’s

storied fried chicken and sandwiches. While many fans have been speaking on the

new sauce, Meg’s friend Cardi B took to Instagram to give the sauce an active review,

with long nails included.

Cardi went on to show an opened packet of the Hottie sauce, and she can be heard

saying “Bomb” to start off her description. From there, Cardi’s nails point at the sauce

while she says, “It smells and feels like it’s gonna hit you like [Louisiana] hot sauce.

But then it goes to a different world, like a sweet and sour,” before her video cuts off.

Take a look above.


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